Exclusive E6-V2

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For whoever like to build a 60% custom keyboard, you don't want to miss this E6-V2. With the classic sandwich design, personalization and customization is the key to this 60% custom mechanical keyboard.

Nametag, customized as you want

This is the place that you can fully personalize your keyboard. From your own name, to what you want to say to your loved one, you can request us to engrave anything that can fit on the top badge.

Countless combinations of colors that you can choose

Case, Nametag, Plate, Weight, you can choose the color (and the material if applicable) for anything that's colorful. Case color has the most possibilities with  Black, Silver, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Teal, Brass, MAO, while Plate, Nametag, and Weight will be missing Dark Green and Dark Blue options but with limited Red option.


  • 6063 Anodized aluminum
  • Classic Sandwich design
  • Anodized aluminum or Sandblasting brass Counterweight and Middle piece
  • PC Brass Anodized aluminum plate
  • Layouts: ISO and ANSI (6.25u, 7u spacebar, and WKL/HHKB layout)
  • Both stepped and normal Caps Lock are supported
  • Fully Programmable using Bootmapper Client
  • RGB bottom side LEDs
  • Case Colors: Black, Silver, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Teal, Brass, MAO
  • Plate: Black, Silver, Teal, Red, PC, Brass, MAO
  • Nametag & Weight: Black, Silver, Teal, Red, Brass, MAO