Extra: E7-V2 Add-ons (In-stock)

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Extra parts will be flat $35 shipping rate for no matter how many extras you ordered.

List of extra add-on parts

    • Plate: $35 (e-white alu / PC)
    • Mute Pad: $14 (when you get both extra plate and pcb you will need it)
    • Case foam $14
    • Gaskets and feet $15
    • PCB: $60 (solder only) (includes one daughter board)
    • Daughterboard: $5
    • LED Pad Pcb: $10
    • SE logo weight $45 (lilac outer, white inner)
    • Brass Logo Weight: $55
    • Brass Backplate: $58

Photo of e-clear Brass Weight and Backplate 

Photo of SE logo weight (Lilac outer, e-white inner)