Exclusive E7-V2 SE (Lilac)

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E7-V2 is based on our first 75% keyboard E7-V1, where we keep the original layout and slim bezel (the principle that we stick to from the beginning). But this time, your latest Exclusive keyboard will be equipped with gasket mounting system, using gasket rubber instead of o-ring.


Typing test  from 3ildcat :

Typing pbt keycaps :


Raffle Form

Link: https://rb.gy/qk58ja

Time: 12/11/2020 10:00am - 10:30am (ended)

The raffle form is only for the base kit. If you win the raffle and want to add extra add-on parts, you can add extra add-on parts at any time during the GB period, as long as you are using the same email and shipping address as your raffle SE base kit.

Q: When do I know the raffle result?

A: The result will be released in the discord.

Q: How do I know the raffle result?

A: We will announce the winner list here at discord and in the geekhack GB thread. Invoices with being sent to your email during GB period, which won't immediately show up, so please refrain from pinging Exclusive or mods until GB ends or there is an announcement about all raffle invoices being sent.

Q: How long do I have time to pay the raffle invoice?

A: 24 hours, once your invoice expires, we will give your spot to the next person.

Group Buy Details and Disclaimers

Group Buy Time (EST): 12/11 11:00am - 12/14 11:00am; SE Raffle 12/11 10:00am

Estimated shipping time: Q2~Q3 2021 (we've invested in more machines for the factory to make sure faster manufacturing than any previous runs from Exclusive)

Group Buy Limit and Price:

  • 999 Aluminum Board: FCFS $458 (include Shopify fee and PayPal fee)
  • 50 Polycarbonate Board: FCFS $458 (include Shopify fee and PayPal fee)
  • 70 SE Lilac Board: Raffle $540 (include Shopify fee and PayPal fee) raffle form will be released at  12/11 10:00am EST
  • Shipping $65 worldwide (weight around 3.5kg~4kg) per board

Please choose the color, PCB, plate, logo weight, and backplate options via the drop-down options. If your order does not have details selected, we'll cancel it.

Group Buy orders are final: no modifications, no merging orders, no cancellation or refund. Any special request that changes the order will charge 5% as the fee.

Group Buy Configurations

Config for the base kit

Default Configurations for the Kit:

  • Aluminum Plate
  • Aluminum Logo Weight
  • Aluminum Backplate
  • Daughterboard and LED Pad PCB
  • Mute Pad
  • Black with Gold trace PCB

The kit does not come with any switches, stabilizers, or keycaps.

    You can choose or upgrade to non-aluminum by choosing the options when adding to cart:

    • Plate: FR-4 or Brass (e-clear, +$38)
    • Logo Weight: Brass (e-clear, +$38)
    • Backplate: Brass (e-clear, +$45)

    NOTE: If you have brass options selected, please verify there are corresponding amounts of "(DO NOT REMOVE) E7-V2 Upgrade Option" items in your cart when checking out, please do not remove them if the amounts match.

    Extra add-on parts

    (OPTIONAL STEP) If you want to get additional parts: CLICK HERE TO GET EXTRA PARTS shipping will be an additional $5 if you add any additional parts.

    Color Options

    There will be only 7 combos (use the render below for the accurate color combination; all the following prototype photos are for color samples, they may not provide the right combination) offered in the group buy.

    • Anodized: Black, Space Grey, Burgundy Red, Gem Blue
    • Coating: Lilac (SE), Camping Green
    • Electrophoresis: E-White

    Coating Lilac (SE)

    Product Information

    The new design

    "7" LED Panel

    E7-V2 top case will have the LED panel that you have never seen on any board before: with different sizes of holes in between the arrow cluster and nav cluster, the panel will form the number "7" with a fully customizable RGB effect. With this brand new design, we can say E7-V2 is super clean and has a unique looking.


    The typing angle will be changed to 5° (from 5.5° of E7-V1), with the height of the front side of 18 millimeters, you will get a natural typing feeling without the board being too bulky.


    Besides the top LED panel, we also embed side RGB strip and bottom Exclusive LOGO to light up together (controlled by QMK/VIA).

    Case design

    • With the top case being fully covering the bottom case, we can avoid any problems of color inconsistency between the top and bottom case, nor a noticeable gap between them.
    • You can easily grab the keyboard now, thanks to the "bridge" style on the back of the case.
    • The contrast between the bottom case and the LOGO really makes the LOGO stand out, when underglow lights up!

        Gasket mount design

        Instead of the o-ring gasket mount used on E8.5 and E6.5, we will be using a rubber gasket on E7-V2. Check out this blog post for more behind-the-scene design thinking!

        Photo of e-clear Brass Weight and Backplate 

        FR-4 Plate


        More Pictures here

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